The internet

Have you ever been on the internet? I think it's a pretty neat place.


Hello and welcome to my website~ I hope you have fun
I am still a beginner when it comes to coding!
I thank everyone who was willing to help and teach me
Hopefully i can grow this place to be even more personal!
Please enjoy your time here!!!


I am Ososhi~ I've been on the internet
probably since around 2008
It's been very interesting
to see the changes the web
has gone through over the years.
I still hold the memories
of my internet childhood close to my heart.
For this reason this page is
heavily focused on nostalgia

about the internet

A small rant on today's internet? it's very messy, you can ignore
I think it's a bit sad that today's internet age is so against customizations.
Some even are behind a paywall!
.. I hope in the future more people turn to the world of the customizable web.
The web has gone so sanitised with the heavily curated algorithms
and the repeating profiles. People are too obsessed with making it big
and are basically marketting their own pages/art/music, etc.
it's understanble, looking at the current state of the web
It is proffitable now. and when there is profit, it kills pure creativity.
Art and creativity shouldn't be at the capitalistic mercy of profit.
It should be fully liberated and live within it's own ecosystem
of course this is sadly too idealistic for the current circumstances
With the current layouts all you can do is change a pfp and a banner
if you're even allowed to have one!
Let's make the change and bring back website customizations!
make your own site now! it is scary and overwhelming at first.
TRUST ME. but i got some help and i'm super thankful for it!
keep practising.
it will work out, but don't give up. You do not need to do something big at first.
try simplier places for customization first, i always reccomend tumblr
or even carrd if you really want to get a small and very simple understanding of web design.
Basically try anything that could help with your future coding confidence!
If you feel like actually starting with html
definitely check out sadgrl's layout builder also these ressources!
it is very beginners friendly!!
gifcities is an awesome ressource for finding both old gifs and old website archives!
unleash your creativity! Here are some other links worth checking out: 1, 2, 3
and most importantly w3school !!!
coding is hard and frustrating so dont feel ashamed for asking for help
im still basically a huge beginner. it takes time but it's worth it.
if you read this. thank you??? i hope you weren't too bored
or maybe you think this rant is stupid
which you also have a right to.
I'm just maybe a little sad and nostalgic, but aren't we all?
i do truly think that the corporatisation of the current net has killed it, or...
maybe just made it sick.